• An Introduction of Altar Table

  • The Perfect Refectory Table

  • Kid Picnic Table Concept

  • How to Make a Blackjack Table

  • The portable 6 Foot Folding Table

  • Acrylic Coffee Table Placement

An Introduction of Altar Table

Altar table is needed in church for prayer and mass. It is located in the center of altar. This table is often called as Holy Table. Here is a brief description about it. ¬†Description of Altar Table The table is usually a cube made of wood or stone. The original color of the material is […]

The Perfect Refectory Table

Refectory table is the kind of table which you might already see it somewhere in the restaurant which traditional style or something like that. The shape of this kind of table are simple but it has a bit classic and also with some relief and also some feature on it. This kind of table mostly […]

Kid Picnic Table Concept

Kid picnic table is table which is used for kid in picnic, the concept of this table making is to give the convenient table use for kid. The safety of the design is the most important thing that must be concern. The quality of the material that use for this table which include the strength […]

How to Make a Blackjack Table

Blackjack table is something you need when you play poker. It is not complete if you play cards game without using this table. In spite of going to a casino, actually you can make the table by yourself. ¬†Materials and Tools Needed to Make a Blackjack Table The materials you need are plywood, wood glue, […]

The portable 6 Foot Folding Table

6 foot folding table is one kind of table with two pairs of 6 foot high legs which can be fold up to make people easier to take it or move it from a place to another place. It is very convenient as portable table because commonly, this kind of table made from type of […]

Acrylic Coffee Table Placement

Acrylic coffee table is a good choice for you who want to add more furniture at home but do not want to make it look narrower. The transparency is the main point of this kind of table. Besides it is also strong since it is made of thermoplastic material. You can also count on its […]